February 5, 2018

Movin’ on up!!

So this weekend was a fabulous weekend for me. I’ve honestly been so amazed with the incredible support I’ve had with my writing so far. I was in awe when my book rankings skyrocketed and placed me at #98 in the top 100 Kindle New Adult Romance category this weekend. The realization that so many readers have my book now has me speechless. What once was a work that I was so afraid to publish, is now being seen by so many people from all over the world and it is an AMAZING feeling!

I was also able to be a part of an author takeover this weekend for Love2ReadRomance and it’s incredible to see the amount of support that indie authors have for each other. To have women empowering other women to do great things is such a rewarding experience, and has taught me that there truly are no limitations for what we can achieve!

Here’s to starting this week out with a great confidence boost. May you all have a wonderful and inspired week as well! And as always, THANK YOU for your support!


Erika Daughtrey

“If Not For Him”- Available on Amazon!



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