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Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

I’m going to start this off by saying, “BRRR”! Go ahead and add some more R’s in there because that’ll just accentuate how cold I am right now as I write this, wrapped in like five blankets and a scratchy sweater. My damn coffee won’t even stay hot for very long in it’s protest of these frigid temperatures. OH, how I love this weather. Yes, that’s right. Even though my teeth are chattering to the point I might crack one, and my achy knees make me feel like I’m an eighty year old in need of a walker, it sure beats the hell out of sweating!

For some reason, I think I’m also more productive in cold weather, as if my brain is firing off more neurons in its’ attempt to keep from freezing to death. Or maybe I just type faster because my body is trying to will itself to warm up. Either way, I’ll gladly take to the cold over the hot. However, seeing as though I live in Texas, I may be in shorts tomorrow. We’ll see.

Now, to say I’m more productive, doesn’t always mean that I actually get as much done as I’d like to. I have good intentions, but I also have the ability to become extremely distracted. Easily. For instance, my brain will see a dish in the sink and suddenly think that now would be a good time to organize Tupperware by size, durability, and stain percentage. If I am wanting to make myself look a little less “scary mommy,” I’ll think I’m just going to put a little makeup on and then waste two hours trying to achieve Kim K. cheek bones through contouring. Even when I am actively at my computer I’ll try to engage in a YouTube video about “branding yourself as an author,” and instead get engrossed in a forty minute video about how to build a haunted house using only items you have around your home. By the way, how many average households have miter saws lying around? I don’t, hence why my haunted house dreams are crushed now.

So, the point I’m trying to get at now is that this whole blog post was originally supposed to be about my writing process and organizational skills when it comes to authoring a book. Yet, I just got distracted blabbing about how easily I get distracted and now I’ve blogged about 400+ words of nonsensical crap.

Well, there’s always next time I guess. Unless, of course, I find a video about how to write a book without actually having to type any words. Be right back… I’m going to go YouTube that.

Erika Daughtrey


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