But Did She Die?

Okay, I’ve disappeared for so long that my face might be on a milk carton. A lot has happened since the last update. Not only was I doing the adult thing; kids, work… life. But I was also neck deep in a possible PCS with my husband. For those not well acquainted with military terminology, it stands for “panic-causing stress.” Actually, it stands for “permanent change of station,” but still, it might as well have been the former.

It was an incredibly long few months of waiting to see where we would go, hoping that we would get our first choice, which we did. #winning

Now that we are finally moved, settled, and done pulling our hair out (for the most part), I can finally take a much needed breath of the arid desert air that is El Paso, Texas.

*Record scratch*
Freeze frame

Wait, she wanted to move to El Paso?!

Yes, we did, for a long list of convoluted reasons. But what matters is, we’re here, and we’re happy. And the absolute icing on the cake is the creative space I gained in this new home; my very own space to bring you all of the sexy book boyfriends. So, for the unforeseeable future, I’ve been given orders by my amazing husband to hole myself up in my space and write a lot of sex. Well maybe those weren’t his exact words, but either way, I will gladly oblige.

Stay tuned…

Erika Daughtrey



1 thought on “But Did She Die?”

  1. I absolutely can’t wait to read more of the adventures that will unfold in the next book! WELCOME BACK! I’ve missed your writing!


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